The Most Popular Business Management Career Jobs

As many people as there are interested in a business management career, there are job opportunities available. In every type of business including financial firms, sales, retail, large corporations and small non profits, there are opportunities to put management, leadership and computer skills to work. Listed are the most popular business management jobs in the United States today.

Office Manager

Becoming an office manager not only allows a business manager to utilize the valuable skills they acquired during their MBA education, but it can be a perfect first post graduate job opportunity. Being an office manager lets a person dip into many aspects of a company, by assisting the finance department, marketing, sales, and executive level directors on a wide range of tasks. It also allows them to hone in and fine tune their management skills, as many office managers are responsible for managing a small team of employees.

Human Resource Manager

Many times, the person chosen for a human resource manager position is not someone with previous management experience, but a degree holder in business management. Being a human resource manager is about delegating tasks to employees, hiring and firing employees, leading company meetings and most of all, handling any work related conflict through leadership and resolution skills. As one of the most popular jobs in the United States for business management, it offers a great platform for individuals who express interest in helping others, improving company morale and compiling data.

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Regional Sales Manager

If interested in working for a large corporation and handling many different tasks, a regional sales manager position would be ideal for those who want to manage large teams in various locations, implement policy and improve sales. Although some jobs require five or more years of experience, some regional sales manager positions simply require the ability and talent to sell products, increase profit and work on a 50% commission and bonus rate. A business management career in regional sales is rewarding for the person who thrives on selling and improving sales.

Director of Operations

A business management career as a director of operations is one of the most popular and important management careers in the United States. A director of operations makes an average national salary of $58,963-$106,053 and is responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations of a company including budget, sales, development, overseeing a management team for special projects and increased customer service. As a great paying job, a career as a director of operations is an important one by being responsible for spearheading profit and driving sales through leadership.

There are many business management career paths to consider, but it's also important to determine your greatest strengths and interests before accepting an offer. As a MBA degree holder, you have the leverage to compete with other top employees and have the skills and education to take you far in your career path.
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